NZ Gems | Spheres

Welcome to our mesmerizing collection of crystal spheres! Enter a world of captivating beauty and mystical energy as you explore these spherical treasures. Each crystal sphere is carefully crafted and polished to perfection, showcasing the natural brilliance and inherent qualities of the crystal.

Crystal spheres are renowned for their harmonizing and balancing properties. As the most symmetrical of all crystal shapes, they emit energy evenly in all directions, creating a sense of balance and tranquility. These spheres are believed to enhance meditation, psychic abilities, and spiritual connection.

Our collection features a wide variety of crystal spheres, each with its own distinct energy and metaphysical properties. From the soothing energies of rose quartz to the transformative power of labradorite, you'll find a sphere that resonates with your intentions and desires.

In addition to their energetic benefits, crystal spheres make stunning decorative pieces. Placed on a stand or nestled in your palm, they exude a sense of elegance and serenity, elevating any space with their radiant presence.

Embrace the enchanting energy and timeless beauty of crystal spheres. Explore our collection and experience the transformative power they hold. Let these spherical wonders become your gateway to inner harmony, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection to the mysteries of the universe.