NZ Gems | Tumble (undrilled)

Welcome to our exquisite collection of undrilled tumble crystals! Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and energetic potential of these captivating treasures. Each undrilled tumble crystal in our collection has been carefully selected, tumbled, and polished to perfection, allowing their raw essence to shine through.

Undrilled tumble crystals offer a myriad of possibilities for creativity and personal exploration. As they are not drilled, they can be used in various ways to enhance your daily life. Place them on your altar, use them in energy healing practices, carry them in your pocket, or incorporate them into decorative displays. The options are endless.

Our collection features a diverse range of undrilled tumble crystals, each with its own unique qualities and energetic vibrations. From the grounding stability of smoky quartz to the harmonizing properties of rose quartz, you'll find a treasure that resonates with your intentions and desires.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these crystals are potent tools for spiritual growth, meditation, and energy work. They can be held, placed on the body, or used in grid layouts to amplify intentions and connect with higher realms.

Unlock the transformative power of undrilled tumble crystals. Explore our collection and discover the untamed beauty and energy that lies within each raw specimen. Let these natural wonders inspire and guide you on your journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual evolution.